Photographer and Graphic Designer Launches Astrologicalendar, Featuring Signs of the Zodiac and Stunning Aerial Photographs of Constellations

Washington, DC – February 10, 2015 –Wyatt Hull, photographer and designer, has just published an astrological wall calendar that highlights the signs of the Zodiac as the "months", along with beautiful aerial photography matched with the constellation's star chart.

“The goal I set out in working on this design was to make astrology more approachable, with just the right amount of astrological and planetary movement information. Essentially, it is a guide to a year of astrology and planetary movement within the Zodiac, but without the horoscopes. The photography is intriguing and the calendar design helps make the foundations of astrology more approachable,” said Hull.

This project reached its Kickstarter goal within 24 hours. Funders have now committed over $5,000 with 10 days left to go. Hull plans to open an online shop and companion website at when the Kickstarter campaign ends.

Hull continued, “I was really surprised that there wasn’t already a wall calendar like this to organize the months into the signs and dates of the zodiac. The Astrologicalendar is an idea and product that already seems to resonate with many people’s fascination with the zodiac, astrology, photography, and modern astronomy as well.” 

The calendar begins on March 21st, 2015 for Aries, and ends on March 20th, 2016 at the end of Pisces. Instead of holidays, it highlights celestial changes: when planets move between the signs of the zodiac, meteor showers, solstices, eclipses, and equinoxes too. Most importantly, it illustrates planetary retrogrades. With the Astrologicalendar, you'll always be prepared for the influence and significance of Mercury's shifting path.

In addition to single calendar orders for $25, Hull is also offering bulk orders (2, 5, or 10 calendars at a time), signed 12x12" and 20x20" prints, and even a personalized calendar with custom photography and important dates. The Astrologicalendar is a fun and unusual way of contemplating the passage of a year. More information and the Kickstarter campaign is available at .

About Wyatt Hull
Hull is a designer working in Washington, DC. He is graduate of UC Santa Cruz and the cofounder Terra Eclipse, a web development company. His photography is available at

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